The City of Kalama has transitioned its Small Works Roster to MRSC Rosters shared online database.  This is an online database of contractors in the State of Washington.  When the City of Kalama is interested in obtaining contractors for small public works projects, this online list will be accessed and announcements sent to appropriate contractors.

The City encourages you to register your company in order to be included when the City is looking for contractors.  There is no charge to register and registration with MRSC Rosters can be accomplished at

Contractors also have the option of indicating they are available for small public works projects for multiple agencies.  If a contractor registers using the Basic Option and would like to indicate it is available for multiple areas, each area must be selected one at a time.  For the Enhanced Membership Option there is a $50 charge.  With this option a contractor may specify they are available to work statewide without having to mark each area individually. 

Here is an example of the difference between the two options:  If another city decides to begin using mrscrosters after your company has signed up, if you used the Enhanced Option and indicated “statewide,” your company would automatically be included as a contractor for that city’s small public works projects.  Under the Basic Option, your company would not be included unless you access the database after the city has registered and specifically indicate that agency. 

Please check out  If you have any questions, please call (206) 625-1300 or